Upholstery stitching

Tensioning bar

A tensioning bar is made of stitched polypropylene unwoven fabric and a plastic rod. It is welded with ultrasounds in order to minimise the sewing needles wear during the stitching in process. The diameter of the rod made, in total, of PVC amounts to 4.80 mm and the whole product, after covering, has the diameter of 5.00 mm.
We manufacture two lip width: 17 mm and 25 mm. The bar is manufactured in two product versions: in 2.00 mm long sections and in 200 lm wounds. We accept also orders in the version cut to the defined dimension in accordance with the Client’s need.

Lip width:Identifier:Rod Diameter:Wound:Length:
15 mm KFP-01 4,8 mm In a circle 1 pcs.*200 mb
25 mm KFP-02 4,8 mm In a circle 1 pcs.*200 mb
15 mm KFP-03 4,8 mm In a circle 2 pcs.*100mb
15 mm KFP-04 4,8 mm In sections 200 pcs.*2mb
25 mm KFP-05 4,8 mm In sections 200 pcs.*2mb

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