Unwoven fabrics


Spunbond (a kind of unwoven fabric, described often as spunlace, spinnvlies, non-woven) is characterised by a high resistance and a high fibre stress uniformity. It is widely applied in, among others, the following branches: medicine/hygiene, furniture, shoe making as well as construction branch (e.g. insulations), automotive (upholstery components) or agriculture (agro-unwoven fabrics).
The raw material composition: 100% polypropylene, without any formaldehydes;
Weight (g/m²): 12-15 g, 20 g, 30 g, 40 g, 50 g, 60 g, 70 g, 80 g, 100 g, 120 g;
Width: from 3 cm up to 240 cm
Wound: from 125 lm up to 1000 lm (in dependence on the basic weight of the Client’s demands)
Standard colours: white, black, beige, anthracite;
It is applied in the furniture industry mainly as a sliding material, corrugated spring protection, furniture covering fabric (on furniture backs and bottoms), in production of: mattresses, pillows and quilts, garden furniture, spring laps.

Basic weight:Identifier:Height:Standard wound:
15g/m² Spun15 1600 mm 1000 lm
30g/m² Spun30 1600 mm 500 lm
40g/m² Spun40 1600mm 500 lm
50g/m² Spun50 1600 mm 250 lm
60g/m² Spun60 1600 mm 250 lm
70g/m² Spun70 1600 mm 250 lm
80g/m² Spun80 1600 mm 250 lm
90g/m² Spun90 1600 mm 250 lm
100g/m² Spun100 1600 mm 250 lm


The stitched polypropylene unwoven fabrics are applied as a furniture covering fabric (on furniture backs and bottoms), upholstery tensions, spring protections, material enabling fastening of Velcros and in production of mattresses, beanbags, spring laps.
Basic weights available (g/m²): 100 g, 120 g;
Width: from 3 cm up to 240 cm;
Wound: from 100 lm up to 200 lm (in dependence on the basic weight)
Colour: white, grey, beige, brown, black;
The fabrics possess the two-side smooth or embossed finish, at the basic weight of 120.

Basic weight:Identifier:Height:Standard wound:Colours:
100g/m² Ibi100 1600 mm 200 lm black, grey, beige
120g/m² Ibi120 1600 mm 200 lm black, grey, beige
120g/m² Ibi120w 1600 mm 200 lm black, grey, beige

Technical felt

The base felt - manufactured in the stitching technology with use of the recycling polyester, polypropylene and cotton materials. For appropriate basic weights, it serves as a pad for springs, silencing and coverings in manufacture of upholstery furniture and sleeping mattresses. It is being sold both in beams and laps; individual orders are realised in 10-day periods. For full-truck orders, the transportation costs are borne by the supplier. For felt being sold by us, we possess a current ÖKO-test, which is updated continuously.

Basic weight:Identifier:Height:Standard wound:
400g/m² FT400 2000 mm 50 lm
500g/m² FT500 2000 mm 50 lm

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